安全通知 Security advice

我們每週 7 天,每天 24 小時努力工作,確保您的資金和個人資訊的安全。

We worked hard to protect your money and personal information 24 hours every day.

1 快易通網上交易系統安全防護 Autotoll Online Transaction System Security Potection

我們的系統由技術專家管理及安全技術進行保護。請繼續?讀,了解我們在您進行網上交易時如何保護您的賬戶。Our system is managed by skilled technical experts and security technologies protection. Read on to learn how we protect your account when you make online transactions.

1.1 技術後盾Backed by technology

1.1.1 防火牆與加密Firewall and encryption

在快易通與客戶之間在網上傳輸的所有客戶數據均以加密技術進行保護。即使數據在傳輸期間被截取,加密技術亦能確保外人難以使用。All customer data that moves between Autotoll and our customers online are encrypted. Even if data is captured during transit, encryption technology ensures it will never be used.

我們利用不同的防火牆保護我們的系統免受外部威脅及風險。We implemented different firewalls to protect our systems from external threats and risks.

1.1.2 用戶認證User authentication

用戶認證技術確保只有你,授權用戶可以訪問您的帳戶。User authentication technologies ensure only you, the authorized user, can access your account.

1.1.3 自動登出 Automatic logout

長時間登入但不進行任何操作會增加詐騙及其他問題的風險。在 20 分鐘沒有任何操作後,我們會將您從網上及手機處理的有關支付事務中退出 (在進行電動汽車充電業務時除外),以防其他人連接您的賬戶。Long periods of login inactivity may increase the risk of fraud and other issues so we’ll log you out of your online transaction session after 20 minutes of inactivity (except when conducting EV Charging operations) to prevent others from gaining access to your account.

2 了解您的威脅Know your threats

2.1 了解常見的網上威脅Learn common online threats.

了解常見的網上威脅,始終領先欺詐者一步。Learn about common online threats to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters. Understand online threats better, so that you can stay ahead of scammers.

2.2 何謂惡意軟件、間諜軟件、廣告軟件或木馬程式? What is malware, spyware, adware and trojans

惡意軟件和間諜軟件等術語指任何未經您許可安裝在您的電腦的軟件。The terms malware and spyware refer to any piece of software installed on your computer without your permission.

· 惡意軟件指可能會損壞您電腦的軟件。Malware refers to software that causes damage to your computer.

· 間諜軟件會在您不知情的情況下收集您電腦的資料。Spyware gathers information from your computer without your knowledge.

· 廣告軟件會在您的電腦安裝顯示廣告的軟件。Adware installs software that displays advertisements on your computer

· 木馬程式專指安裝後會偷偷安裝其他軟件的軟件。Trojans specifically refer to software that, once installed, secretly installs another piece of software.

2.2.1 它們做些甚麼? What they do?

安裝後,惡意軟件可能會啟動具有以下特徵的病毒:After installation, malware may shows with the following characteristics of the virus:

· 中斷及禁止基本系統操作Prohibition and interrupt basic system operation

· 捕獲及傳送可能會透露密碼和其他資訊的按鍵Capture and send keys stroke that might reveal passwords and other information

· 捕獲及發送電子郵件及其他個人資料Capture and send e-mail and other personal information

· 劫持網絡連接,然後用來發送更多的惡意軟件Hijack network connections to send more malware

2.2.2 它是怎麼運作的?How it works?

很多時候,客戶在點按電郵或網頁上發現的連結時,就會不小心安裝了惡意軟件或間諜軟件。惡意軟件或間諜軟件亦可能在您不知情的情況下隨同您從不可靠來源獲得的軟件一併安裝。惡意軟件或間諜軟件甚至可能與可疑的防病毒軟件一起安裝。Most of the times, when customers click on the link found on email or web page, they will accidentally install malware or sypware. Malware or spyware may also be downloaded together with other software from unreliable source without your knowledge. Malware or spyware may even be installed with suspected anti-virus software.

3 保護您的裝置Protect your devices

雖然操作系統和網絡瀏覽器能夠相當有效保護您資料的安全與私密性,您可能還想為您的電腦增加額外的安全保護。We work everyday to keep your accounts protected online. In addition, there are a few simple things you can do to your everyday devices to ensure you stay safe online.

3.1 更新及保護您的裝置Update and protect your devices

確保定期以最新的軟件更新您所有的電腦、手機、PDA、可攜裝置、操作系統及互聯網瀏覽器(尤其是用於網上系統的)。Ensure all your computers, mobile phones, PDAs, portable devices, operating systems and Internet browsers (especially those used for online transaction) are regularly updated with the latest software found in the market.

3.2 啓用個人防火牆 Enable personal firewalls

以個人防火牆保護您的互聯網連接及電腦。它可確保正確的數據能夠輸送到正確的地方,並可防止不必要的連接連接您的數據。Secure your Internet connection and computer with a personal firewall. It ensures the right data goes to the right places, and keeps unwanted connections from accessing your data.

3.3 啓動屏幕保護程式/密碼保護Turn on screensavers/password protection

當您要離開您的電腦時,請將它鎖好,或者配置以密碼保護的熒幕保護程式,當沒有操作的時間達到預設的時間後,該程式將會?動。Lock your machine when you're away from your computer, or configure a password-protected screensaver to be activated after a preset period of inactivity.

3.4 安裝抗病毒及惡意程式掃描/保護軟件Install anti-virus and malware scanning / protection software

殺毒軟件易於安裝,可保護您的電腦免受病毒侵害。Anti-virus protection software is easily installed and can be key in keeping your computer virus-free.

3.5 保護您的連接Secure your connections

除保護和更新您的裝置之外,您亦須確保您用於在網上管理您的生活和資金的網絡和連接的安全。While operating systems and web browsers may keep your information secure and private, you may also want to consider adding additional layers of security to your network connection.

妥為設計和管理的網絡能讓流量和交易免受不必要的監控或入侵。您須確保您選擇的網絡能夠保證您和您資料的安全。A well designed and managed network keeps traffic and transactions free from intrusion.

3.6 保護您家裏的網絡Secure your home network

確保家裏的銀行活動安全從保護您自己的網絡開始,尤其是當您使用無?連接時。Safe online transaction at home starts with securing your own network, especially if you're using a wireless connection.

· 始終確保安裝個人防火牆,無論您如何連接互聯網。Always ensure a personal firewall is installed – regardless of how you connect to the Internet.

· 您的無?網絡應至少採用 WPA 級保護,在可能的情況下應採用 WPA-2 級。Your wireless network should at least be locked down with a WPA level protection, and WPA-2 level whenever possible.

· 請考慮減少您的網絡範圍或廣播,使未獲授權的用戶更難以找到和獲得連接權。Consider reducing your network’s range or broadcast to make it harder for unauthorized users to find and gain access.

3.7 使用可信任的公共網絡 Use trusted public network

請緊記,網上交易系統與為社交目的瀏覽互聯網或發送電郵不同。Remember that online transaction is different from socially browsing the Internet or sending email.

· 切勿使用未經保護或加密的網絡。連接至安全的網絡(留意其有無掛鎖圖標)。Do not use networks that are neither secured nor encrypted. Connect to a secure network by looking out for the padlock icon beside it.

· 僅使用有信譽的網絡供應商。Use only reputable network providers.

· 切勿使用公共互聯網電腦或其他設備進行網上交易。Never use public Internet computers or other devices for online transaction.

3.8 安全瀏覽Browse securely

確保您的個人防火牆一直運作。當您在外出期間進行網上交易時,這一點特別重要。Ensure your personal firewall is up and running – this is especially important when you are banking online away from home.

3.9 驗證網站連結Verify website links

罪犯可能會模擬真正的網站創建詐騙網站,這些網站可能具有與真正網站相似的外觀以及看似相關的網址。Criminals may create fraudulent websites that mimic real websites with a similar appearance and a seemingly related URL.

· 使用您的瀏覽器的地址欄以配對相關網站和位址。留意惡意網站的其他跡象:過時的設計、斷開的連結、文法不清以及其他錯誤。Use your browser's address bar to match the site and the address. Look out for other signs of malicious sites: outdated design, broken links, poor grammar, and other errors.

· 僅使用可信任及經驗證的連結連接快易通網站。Only use trusted and verified links to access the Autotoll website.

· 當您連接主頁或網上交易系統時,始終輸入快易通網址。Always key in the Autotoll web address when you access the home page or online transaction system.

4 手機安全Mobile phone security

如果您使用您的手機與我們開展網上交易,請了解您能如何保護您的資料安全。If you use your mobile phone to carry out online transactions with us, learn how you can protect your data security.

4.1 保護您的手機 Protect your phone

如今,智能手機在我們的生活中不可或缺。隨著手機支付日益普及,您必須對您的手機應用與您的電腦相同的安全措施。Smartphones make up an integral part of our lives today. With mobile payments becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to apply the same security measures to your mobile phone as you would to your computer.

· 務必從可信任來源下載應用程式Always download apps from trusted sources

· 持續更新您的手機的操作系統 (OS) 和應用程式。Keep your phone's Operating System (OS) and apps updated

· 使用密碼或 PIN限制對您的手機的連接Restrict access to your phone with a password or PIN

· 設置您的手機在短時間的靜止後鎖定Set your phone to lock after a short period of inactivity

· 不要將密碼或賬號儲存在您的手機上Do not store passwords or accounts numbers on your mobile phone

· 限制您在您的手機上儲存的個人資料或聯絡方式的數量,因為如果您不小心丟失手機,犯罪分子可能會取得這些資料Limit the amount of personal details or contact information that you store in your phone, as criminals may be able to retrieve them if you happen to lose your phone

· 如果您丟失您的手機,立即向手機供應商報告If you lose your phone, report it to your mobile phone provider immediately

· 記下您的手機的 IMEI(國際移動設備標識)號碼(致電*#06#獲取此號碼)。這樣令禁用一部被盜的手機更加容易Make a note of your phone's IMEI number (dial *#06# to get it). This makes it easier to disable a stolen phone

· 千萬不要越獄或非法入侵手機裝置。Never jail-break, crack or root the device.

4.2 作出有關手機的明智決策。Make smart decisions

即使是保護良好的手機,您在使用時將仍然需要作出明智的決策。這將保護您的手機及其資料免於非授權使用或欺詐。Even with a well-protected phone, you would still need to make smart decisions when you use it.

· 千萬不要回覆不請自來的通訊-包括電子郵件、電話和短訊Never reply to unsolicited communications - including e-mail, telephone and SMS

· 當在公共場所分享您的手機上的個人資料時,務必小心Be cautious when sharing personal information on your phone in public places

· 千萬不要把您的手機借給陌生人使用Do not lend your phone to stranger

· 明智使用社交網絡Smart use of social networks

5 保護您的資料Secure your data

5.1 保護您的快易通賬戶Protect your Autotoll accounts

我們決不會透過電話、電郵或短訊要求您提供賬戶資料和密碼。We'll never request your account information and password over the phone, via email or SMS.

請留意Please be alerted:

· 沒有以您的名字稱呼您的訊息Messages that do not address you by your name

· 與其聲稱的人士或組織不匹配的電郵地址Email addresses that do not match the person or organization it claims to be

· 拼寫和文法很差的訊息Messages that contain poor spelling and grammar

· 聲稱您已得獎或指示您點擊連結的訊息Messages that claim you have won a prize or direct you to click on a link

5.2 確保您的密碼和 PIN安全Keep your passwords and PINs secure

您的密碼和 PIN:Your passwords and PIN should:

· 不應基於任何可猜測的資料,例如您的名字、個人電話號碼、生日或其他個人資料Not be based on guessable information such as your name, personal telephone number, birthday or other personal information

· 應予以保密,不應透露給任何人士Be kept confidential and not be divulged to anyone

· 應記在您的腦裏,而不應記錄在任何地方Be memorized and not recorded anywhere

· 應定期或在懷疑已被盜用或受損時進行更改Be changed regularly, or when there is any suspicion that it has been compromised or impaired

· 不得儲存或保留在您的瀏覽器Not be stored or retained in your browser

· 避免使用與您用於連接其他服務相同的資料(例如電郵、其他互聯網網站/ISP). Avoid using the same details that you use to access other services such as email, other Internet sites/ISPs.

· 密碼不得含有 3 個或以上的連續相同字符,例如「aaa」、「111」等。Password must not contain 3 or more consecutive identical characters, e.g. "aaa" or "111", etc.

· 密碼不得含有 4 個或以上的連續相同字符作?密碼的一部分,例如「1234」、「abcd」等。Password must not contain 4 or more consecutive identical characters as part of your Password, e.g. "1234" or "abcd", etc.

5.3 保護您的一次性密碼 (OTP) 安全Protect your One Time Password (OTP)

不要將快易通發送給您的 OTP 或 OTP 電郵向任何人透露。Do not reveal the OTP or OTP email received from Autotoll to anyone.

5.4 妥善管理您的文件Look after your documents

將您的文件鎖在安全的地方,並將您想要銷毀的任何賬單、收據、月結單和不想要的郵件放進碎紙機,因?它們含有其他人能夠用來盜用您賬戶資料的關鍵資訊。Lock your documents in a safe place and shred any bills, receipts, statements and unwanted mail you wish to get rid of, as they contain key details that can be used to steal your account information.

5.5 加德士繳費服務Caltex payment service

如果您已經登記加德士繳費服務,你應該將妥善保管你的快易通會員卡,避免未經授權的使用。If you have registered for our Caltex payment service, you should keep your Autotoll Club membership card in a safe place and avoid unauthorized use.

5.6 保護您的身份Protect your identity

罪犯正鎖定社交網站,以盜用個人資料,因此,務必注意您在網上共享的?容。Criminals are targeting social networking sites to steal personal information - so be careful with what you share online.

· 切勿發佈可識別您的資料,包括出生日期、電話號碼、地址和全名。Don't publish details that can identify you. They include birthdates, phone numbers, addresses and full names.

· 限制您的用戶資料。考慮謹向您的朋友和家人透露您的用戶資料。Limit your profile. Consider restricting your profile to friends and family only.

· 確保您了解每個網站的私隱政策,因?有些網站會出售用戶的電郵地址,從而使您遭受釣魚攻擊和垃圾郵件影響。Make sure you understand the privacy policy of each site as some may sell users' email addresses, leaving you susceptible to phishing and spam.

5.7 定期檢查您的月結單Check your monthly statement regularly.

這不會花很多時間,但可以幫助您發現任何欺詐交易。如果您注意到異常情況或懷疑自己成?身份盜用詐騙的受害者,請立即聯絡我們。This doesn't take long and it will help you spot any fraudulent transactions. If you notice something unusual or suspect that you have been a victim of fraud of identity theft, please contact us immediately.

定期檢查您的賬戶餘額及月結單,以識別任何異常交易。Check your account balances and statements regularly to identify any unusual transactions.

6 其他有用的提示Other useful tips

· 切勿透過您收到的任何電郵登入網上交易系統,因?這可能是騙局,我們決不會要求您透過電郵連結進行登入。Never log in to online banking from any email you've received as it may be a scam - we'll never ask you to log in via an email link.

· 當您完成後,務必從您的網上/手機系統賬戶登出。關閉瀏覽器窗口不能保證安全登出,會使您的賬戶遭受濫用。Always log out from your online/mobile account when you’ve finished. Closing the browser window does not guarantee secure logout and it could leave your account open to misuse.

· 始終在登出後關閉瀏覽器應用程式。Always close the browser application after logout.

· 當使用快易通網上交易系統時,切勿在同一個互聯網瀏覽器上連接連接第三方網站。Do not access third party websites within the same internet browser session when using Autotoll Online System.

· 在每次結束瀏覽後清除您的瀏覽器緩存和歷史。Clear Your Browser Cache and History after Each Session

· 務必在每次結束瀏覽後清除您的瀏覽器緩存,確保您的賬戶資料從您的電腦刪除。Always clear the browser cache after each session so that your account information is removed from the computer.

7 聯絡我們Contact us

如果您不小心透露了您的賬戶詳細資料,或遭遇欺詐,請與我們聯絡。If you accidentally disclose your account details, or suffered fraud, please contact us.

快易通有限公司 Autotoll Limited

客戶服務熱線 Customer Service Hotline:(852) 2627 8888

傳真 Fax:(852) 2764 4338

電郵 email:cs@autotoll.com.hk

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如果您懷疑有任何非授權連接或交易,請立即致電我們的客戶服務熱線 立即終止您的快易通網上交易系統連接。同時請提供非授權交易的詳細資料。If you suspect any unauthorized transaction, please call our Customer Service Hotline immediately, terminate your Autotoll online system session. Please also provide detailed information on the unauthorized transactions.