We have reimbursed the entitled Autotoll administration fee waiver for your vehicle(s) into your Autotoll account if they did not have passage through Autotoll lanes in August, September or Oct 2023.


Autotoll Smart Solutions
As the pioneer of developing smart solutions in transport sector since 1998, Autotoll has branched out its services to all ways of Smart City technology today, jointly participating in building a smart and innovative future for the city.

Why Autotoll
Smart Solutions

Pioneer of Smart Solutions
With over 20 years’ experience on Intelligent Transport System & Smart City Solutions, we are one of the market leaders delivering professional services with highest level of reliability and quality.
Diversified Business
We continue to strengthen our diversified business profile on all ways of Smart City technology to support the Hong Kong Smart City development.
Prestigious Team
Our dedicated professional team with diverse talent embraces innovation and technology to provide an array of services, from program development, engineering application to project management.
GBA and beyond
Our geographic business footprint is gradually expanding from HK and the Greater Bay Area to other provinces in the mainland China and overseas markets.

Why Autotoll
Smart Solutions

Our Solutions

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