Global Positioning System (GPS) is the most reliable and effective tracking system utilizing satellites to pinpoint geographical locations, with accuracy up to within 5 to 10 meters. 

Autotoll's Telematics Service Platform is based on the technology of GPS and the Internet, integrating GPS device, electronic maps (Hong Kong and Guangdong Province), data transmission network and online user interface.

After Autotoll's professional technicians installed the GPS devices on vehicles, users are able to track and trace the positions of their vehicles at their disposal via the Internet. Autotoll also provides comprehensive online fleet management solutions, users can manage their fleet and resources, monitor drivers' performance, thus increasing productivity and efficiency, and reducing operating costs.

With this high-end positioning technology, Autotoll's professional team can develop special softwares for the needs and development of  the logistics industry. With Autotoll's rental option, users do not have to purchase any hardwares or softwares so as to save the high initial set-up costs.

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