Smart Mobility

Electronic Toll Collection System

Autotoll has been providing Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) services for Hong Kong since 1998. By replacing old manual procedures with automated solutions, when a vehicle equipped with the ETC system transponder, passes through a toll booth, the transponder communicates instantaneously with the device installed adjacent to the toll booth to pay the toll by deducting it from a pre-paid account. All expenses are charged accurately to a pre-paid account with full transaction records available for subscribers.

Before the implementation of Free-flow Tolling System “HKeToll”, our ETC System manages over 50 toll lanes, including all major toll roads and tunnels in Hong Kong, serving over 360,000 vehicles which accounting for about 45% of licensed vehicles.

Upon implementation of HKeToll, the existing traditional manual toll booths and Autotoll traffic lanes will complete their historical tasks, which will become a milestone for Autotoll in participating in the development of smart mobility.

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