Smart Mobility

Intelligent Transportation
Traffic Control & Surveillance System

In 2014, Autotoll collaborated with Jiangsu Intellitrans and was awarded a HKSAR Government contract for the design & implementation of the Traffic Control & Surveillance System (TCSS) for Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. The system covers all Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities, the Hong Kong link road and the southern connection of Tuen Mun-Chap Lap Kok Link.

Autotoll’s Traffic Control & Surveillance System (TCSS) consists of three individual Central Control Systems, each serving the operation at open road, tunnels & road network within Hong Kong International Airport, where interfaces among systems are established for traffic coordination & management during incidents. An advanced traffic control centre with all rounded surveillance cameras, automatic incident detectors, lane control signals, variable speed limit signs, variable message signs, overheight vehicle detectors, speed enforcement cameras and anemometer along the road, the real-time traffic condition can be instantly displayed and monitored in the traffic control centre.

The Central Control System deploys a “state-of-the-art expert rule-based” system for the generation of adaptive traffic plans, catering for scenarios such as adverse weather conditions and/or traffic incidents. The system provides a contingency solution to manage the traffic including lane control signals and message signs.


  • Variable message signs with full colours in compliance with the latest EN-12966 standards were firstly deployed in TCSS at Hong Kong
  • A communication system based on Ethernet over Synchronous Digital Hierarchy technology is deployed, connecting all the traffic field equipment to the Central Control System. This provides a highly reliable and resilient communication network
  • Radio broadcast network is also installed along tunnels, featuring the “Radio Frequency over Fibre Optics” technology, to provide seamless radio broadcast to motorists as well as respective government departments.
Real-time Traffic Monitoring System

Installation of traffic detectors on all strategic routes to provide real-time traffic information is one of the smart mobility initiatives in the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint.

Autotoll be awarded a Government contract for “Installation of traffic detectors on selected strategic routes” in 2018, responsible for the supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of the detectors, also cover the associated data communication system; a central computer system for collection, processing and dissemination of traffic data; and, operation and maintenance services for the completed facilities.

This Real-time Traffic Monitoring System is operated via installing variety of detectors along several strategic traffic routes and major roads, including:

Automatic Incident Detection (AID) Detector 

Collect data of the speed and volume of traffic, and will automatically detect traffic incidents on roads through enhanced video analytics

Bluetooth (BT) Detector 

Generate data of average vehicular speed and journey time by detecting Media Access Control addresses of Bluetooth devices in vehicles 

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Detector

Collect traffic volume of different vehicle classes on roads through the matching of license plate numbers captured by the detectors and the vehicle licensing system

All of this real-time data will be transferred to a Central Computer System, a scalable hybrid cloud solution which will analyze the data and disseminate it to the web interface. Comprehensively monitor the traffic conditions of these roads, strengthening our capability in handling traffic incidents as well as traffic management.

Real-time Traffic Information System

Autotoll be awarded a Government contract for the “Journey Time Indication System in Kowloon (JTISK)” and the “Speed Map Panels (SMP) in New Territories” in 2008 & 2009 respectively. This system is operated via installing equipment along the approach roads to collect the traffic data for computation of the estimated journey time. The design and the development of computer systems for computing journey time information at two-minute intervals, and for monitoring and controlling the system operation

Journey Time Indication System – the journey time indicators are shown in three colours for different traffic conditions: Red represents congested traffic, Amber represents slow traffic and Green represents smooth traffic. The JTIS operates on a 24-hour basis and the displayed times are refreshed every two minutes.

Speed Map Panel – Each panel shows a schematic map of the major routes ahead. On different road sections, different colours represent different traffic speeds: red for congested traffic with very slow speed, amber for slow traffic and green for smooth traffic with normal speed.

e-Transport Kiosk

Hong Kong e-Transport Kiosk aims to provide services for various groups of people, since Nov 2014 in service. For citizens in the community, real-time traffic information, transportation means and routing options with fare and interchange information based on passengers’ preference on shortest route, most economical fare as well as points of interest is provided so that they can plan their journey in advance and use their time in a more efficient way. Also, visitors from foreign countries could have a better connection with this country by using Hong Kong e-Transport Kiosk as real-time traffic and transportation information could easily be obtained.

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