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Greater Bay Area Development
Greater Bay Area Development

Guangdong Autotoll Intelligent Information Development Co., Ltd. & Guangdong Autotoll Information Technology Co., Ltd are established in 2009, accumulated many years of operating up to the standard of road transport vehicle positioning system monitoring platform and enterprise experience, a video monitoring platform for local and cross-border transportation, logistics, dangerous goods transportation terminal customers with automotive products, platform, the third-party monitoring, system integration and software development services, realize the vehicle operation, scheduling and management to help customers improve operational efficiency. Quality software development and information technology services have been extended to various industry platforms.

Company resources

  • Research and development capability: The system receives continuous upgrade and update support, realizes the docking with the customer's existing management system and possesses strong secondary development capabilities.
  • Company qualification:
    • The platform will pass the three-level protection of national information system security in 2020.
    • A recognized high-tech enterprise in Guangdong province.
    • Road transport vehicle dynamic monitoring service provider of the year 2020.
    • Member of Intelligent Transportation Association of Guangdong Province.
    • Guangzhou road transport industry association member unit/member unit.
  • Branch offices: Foshan, Zhaoqing, Yangjiang, Maoming, Heyuan, Shantou, Zhanjiang
  • Stationary point: Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Zhuhai

Onboard Unit Compliance to Guangdong Provincial Standard

To comply with the guidance of "Installation and Operate of Intelligent Video-Telematics Device for Heavy Goods Vehicles in Guangdong Province", Autotoll adopts the onboard unit that is endorsed by Guangdong Road Transport Association. Component of the onboard unit including Master Control Module, In-Car SSD, ADAS, Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and optional items such as TFT display, Audio and Lighten Siren, and Blind Spot Camera.

Third-party Surveillance Services

Provide monitoring reports to monitoring companies on a regular basis, so that companies can handle alarms in a timely manner; analyze the problems of operation and practitioners based on actual monitoring data; provide monitoring recommendations and training services for companies to assist companies and practitioners in improving safety awareness. To achieve the ultimate goal of improving safety in production.

  • Closed-loop monitoring service
  • Intelligently combined with professional monitoring
  • Data analysis & monitoring
  • Automatic system assessment, which helps to discover potential safety hazards and personal problems of practitioners.
Xiaoping Integrated Management System

The Guangdong provincial government has actively promoted the safety of the road transportation field in recent years that was mentioned in the three-year transportation safety special rectification plan of Guangdong Province in 2020. It aims to promote the establishment of regulatory measures and guidance services from experts. It helped to encourage the dynamic vehicle supervision and early warning system on highways application in Guangdong Province, and establish a system for expert guidance services with regularly inspections every year.

Guangdong Autotoll Intelligent Information Development Co., Ltd. & Guangdong Autotoll Information Technology Co., Ltd are established in 2009 , accumulated years of experience in operating the standard vehicle monitoring platform and video surveillance platform for local and cross-border transportation, logistics and dangerous goods transportation terminal customers with system integration and software development services.

The Xiaoping, is an Integrated Management System that consist of in-vehicle equipment, surveillance application and collection of data, aligning with the Guangdong Provincial Standards. It includes equipment terminal, hardware, advanced driver assistance system and driver monitoring system to manage and monitor vehicle operation as a one-stop platform. Meanwhile, it assists enterprises in improving the efficiency of operation, analyzing data and safety management.

Information Management System for implementing monitoring scheme

The platform integrates different enterprise information, allows management or supervisors to have efficient project management:

  • Basic information and organizational structure of the enterprise
  • Daily attendance and minutes of safety meeting
  • Training records of drivers
  • Violation Information
  • Inspection records of transport vehicles
  • Enterprise safety management policy
  • Safety management for enhancing safety performance of enterprise

Professional security analysis for enterprise to improve security supervision

Assist enterprises to predict and monitor violate situation, regularly analyze the danger situation, and problem shooting accordingly with:

  • Analysis of environmental risk, personnel risk and transport vehicle risk
  • Analysis of equipment data quality (including vehicle route completion, vehicle drift, etc.)
  • Customization enterprise assessment, transportation vehicle and driver risk assessment ranking
  • Analysis of transportation vehicle risk radar
  • Violation data evaluation (including speeding, fatigue driving, low completion rate, etc.)
  • Transport vehicles and enterprise risk characterization, targeted and optimized safety management plans

Tailor-made training programs for improving corporate and personal management

Through this one-stop platform, enterprises can obtain targeted training programs for enterprise problems or individual personnel problems in the following ways:

  • 7x24 hours real-time monitoring
  • Monitor the results of regular transport vehicle inspections
  • Stay abreast of regulatory requirements updates
  • Online training courses
  • Drivers are easily trained through small program learning videos, etc.
  • Combined with the monitoring requirements of the enterprise, formulate a series of professional training for employees such as enterprise drivers, escorts, and monitors
  • Provide targeted training to the driver by referring the driver's alarm statistics
  • Exams for testing practitioner training outcomes

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