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Video Telematics & Advanced Driver Assistance System

Video Telematics & Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) equipped with multi-functional module, suitable for fulfill demand of real-time monitoring in safety driving

  • To record and analyse driver’s behaviors and status such as forward collision, lane departure, eye closed, yawn, distract, talking on the phone, smoking, hands-off from the steering wheel, harsh braking and sudden acceleration, etc.
  • Data analytic in driving behavior; real-time local warning to prevent traffic accident, protect personal safety and prevent injury to property
  • Equipped with 1080P HD camera to remotely monitor multi-vehicles video/snapshot over the mobile application and/or online platform
  • Supports up to 8 day-night cameras, 1 TB hard disk, real-time surveillance, programmed snap-shot and files download at the online platform.
  • Programmable configuration for video shooting including defined time slot, event trigger and entering or leaving geo-zones
  • Retrieve video data over computer
  • Designed for in-car use, excellent anti-vibration feature
  • With data encryption to protect data security