Smart Logistics

Assets & Delivery Management
Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic Proof of Delivery is a mobile application solution for transportation and logistics operations. Allowing management team to enhance the visibility of job delivery, providing daily delivery processes in real-time which can include the following:

  • Job Order Dispatch
  • Status Confirmation
  • Proof of Delivery
  • E-Signature
  • Voice Recording
  • Snapshot
  • Features Customization
Secure Transport System

“Secure Transport System” is an integrated technology that consists of a web-based system and a mobile application, as well as the Electronic Net (E-Net) and the Electronic Lock (E-Lock) which helps to enhance the efficiency and security of the logistics flow. This is an internationally approved product and to monitor the safety of the goods by tampering in real-time during transportation or unauthorized movement when the goods is sitting in the warehouse unattended.

The E-Net is a secured binding innovation that is resistant to tearing, water, wind and environmental damage, with various sizes to fit different types of Unit Loading Devices and air pallets. Another major component of the Secured Transport System, the E-Lock, is a GPS embedded smart lock that supports Long Range (LoRa) and GSM communication. Its IP67 water resistance rating allows the device to withstand harsh environments.

Personal & Goods Tracker

Autotoll GPS personal & goods tracker is in a compact size and convenient for carrying. The tracker can provide instant location tracking for valuable asset which is under transportation; or a person is at remote zone, and can send alert messaging. 

When communication network is not available or at remote areas, Beidou tracker utilizes Beidou satellite network for secure and reliable coverage. It is fully integrated into the Autotoll monitoring platform which allows nearly real-time visibility and monitoring of people and assets from online platform or mobile application, or send alert to 24/7control center. 

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