Smart Logistics

Fleet Management
Location-based Service

“Intelligent Fleet Management System” is integrated with GPS / BeiDou and IoT sensors to form systematic operational data over a platform, helping operators to better understand vehicle location, real-time track, trace vehicle status and driver activities status, and download management report to maintain efficiency.


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Cold Chain Transportation

To real-time monitor the temperature for cold chain transportation and provide detailed temperature data of the refrigerated compartment. Suitable for the catering industry, hygiene, logistics company which transport the refrigerated goods.

  • Installing up to 4 temperature wired or certified wireless sensors in the refrigerated compartment for monitoring temperature variance over the platform in real-time.
  • Featured with alert notification that shall notify the operators by SMS, email or via 24 hours manned control center when the temperature is beyond the permitted range
  • An effective approach to prevent possible damage from refrigerating requirement and meet customer’s expectation
Video Telematics & Advanced Driver Assistance System

Video Telematics & Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) equipped with multi-functional module, suitable for fulfill demand of real-time monitoring in safety driving

  • To record and analyse driver’s behaviors and status such as forward collision, lane departure, eye closed, yawn, distract, talking on the phone, smoking, hands-off from the steering wheel, harsh braking and sudden acceleration, etc.
  • Data analytic in driving behavior; real-time local warning to prevent traffic accident, protect personal safety and prevent injury to property
  • Equipped with 1080P HD camera to remotely monitor multi-vehicles video/snapshot over the mobile application and/or online platform
  • Supports up to 8 day-night cameras, 1 TB hard disk, real-time surveillance, programmed snap-shot and files download at the online platform.
  • Programmable configuration for video shooting including defined time slot, event trigger and entering or leaving geo-zones
  • Retrieve video data over computer
  • Designed for in-car use, excellent anti-vibration feature
  • With data encryption to protect data security
Blind Spot Detection

Blind-spot detection uses a set of sensors mounted on the side mirrors to detect vehicles in the adjacent lanes and pedestrians near the vehicle.

Car Alarm and Panic Button

A hidden panic button fitted for the driver to notify concerned parties and 24 hours manned security monitoring center in case of emergency.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Security monitoring center provides total solution of sophisticated alarm monitoring and customized response services which enable us to be a reliable partner for onboard security system. Our team monitors and responds to alarm signals 24/7. We react promptly to prevent the situation turn from bad to worse in several minutes.

Real-time On-board Attendance

A solution with Autotoll on-board unit records staff/students’ attendance and compatibility checking from boarding the company coaches/school buses, for express handling and accurate counting of massive entry of staff/students, enhancing security and access control. Facilitate analysis on the utilization rate of buses, make it easy to have resources planning for future development.

Bus Management

Bus management is a solution combined with various onboard units including GPS tracking, LED display, bus stop announcement and broadcast system, RFID card reader, online platform and mobile application. This total solution is suitable for the applications in shuttle bus, school bus and service coach operation.

Pool Car Management

Pool car solution supports management and reservation of the pool cars, as well as controls the access of reserved cars. The booking system provides the status of company vehicles’ availability, with the record of collection time, return time, destination and drivers, also allow internal approval procedures to be carried out. The system also provides the following flexible solutions:

  • Integrate with HR system for access information of drivers & staff
  • Integrate with LPRS, card reader, loop & barrier for access control
  • Different authority levels to control booking resources
  • Analysis of fleet utilization, maintenance schedule, departmental outdoor activities
  • Install CCTV cameras at the exit for back-office monitoring

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