Smart Environment

Waste Management
Skip Management

With the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, real-time information can be collected and transferred to the integrated platform when installing sensors on the roadside skips. The waste management operator as well as authorities can track and monitor the status of the skips. 

By installing designated solar-powered GPS units on the skips, we can collect various real-time information about the skips, such as location, waste-filled level and weight. Through the online platform, customers can check the real-time situation of the skip for better management and planning on the skip usage or arrangement, for example, transfer the skip to other waste collection points, monitor the transportation status, etc., and enable the operator to better manage the skip in terms of distribution and planning schedule of waste collection.

Recyclable Item Collection

The solution combines various technologies such as GPS, IoT, route optimization, online platform and mobile application to monitor various real-time information of recycling bins.

Installing level detectors on the recycle bins to collect various real-time information including location, classification and usage rate. When the collected recycles exceed the bin’s capacity, a message will be sent from the device and via the platform to alert clients to arrange the centralized collection of recycling bins and replace the new ones. This solution helps operators to maximize resource utilization and better arrange the job order and fleet management.

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