Smart Environment

Street Furniture Management

Internet of Things (IoT) allows monitoring object or equipment in real-time as well as viewing its history to ensure it is operating normally. This monitoring leads to better management including maintenance scheduling, preventive maintenance and also resources planning & budgeting.

Tree Management:

Monitor and analyze the tilting angle of a tree, provide alerts if there is any change for management to assess the tree stability systematically and arrange timely and appropriate measures.

Energy Management:

Install wireless sensors at various indoor and outdoor energy equipment or locations such as electricity equipment and water tank etc., allowing engineers to remotely monitor the operating status of different equipment or any water leakage. The data will be transferred to the backend system for centralized management and analysis, which could reduce energy waste, arrange preventive inspections and immediate repairs.

Environment Management:

Transform traditional lampposts into multi-functional lampposts. Monitor and collect various districts data such as traffic flow, temperature, air pressure and humidity