Autotoll is experienced in providing electronic toll collection (ETC) service with the system deployment in Hong Kong since 1992, offering total solutions comprising a range of hardware and toll system management solutions.

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system is one of the traffic management tools that deducts prescribed tolls from a stored value tag in a RFID based in-vehicle unit. Such system can help government and transport authorities to better manage road traffic volume.

ETC system deploys both electronic and RFID technologies to support the automated collection of payments at toll booths, increasing traffic efficiency and safety drastically and reducing environmental impacts at the same time.

ETC enables drivers equipped with RFID transponders or tags (a device about the size of a credit card) to automatically pay tolls without stopping at toll booths.

Benefits of ETC include:

  • Reducing traffic congestion
  • Increasing speed of passing through toll booths
  • Reducing operating costs for toll operators
  • Providing proven reliability and unparalleled accuracy
  • Reducing emissions